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About Us:

The Enterprise:

The building is the core competency of O Berço do Ritmo, which includes in its area of ​​operation not only the traditional activity of a construction company but also all the services associated with maintenance and after-sales, operating in various sectors working in various sectors from real estate to civil engineering and infrastructure.

Building on the ideals of Agility, Skill, Cooperation and Transparency, O Berço do Ritmo is a reliable partner focused on large projects Provide quality and added value to its customers.

With the ultimate goal to provide its customers high quality services at competitive prices O Berço do Ritmo has been implementing various initiatives, particularly in the context of engineering, and environmental preservation, in order to achieve satisfaction levels even higher .

Despite the few years of existence, the company has evolved, modernized and grown, proof is the current permit reclassification, where we raise in addition to other categories the category of buildings and built heritage and the category of roads, Urbanization Works and other infrastructure .

O Berço do Ritmo is currently a company engaged in the domestic market and across borders, has as main objectives in this area, increase their market share. Having a diversified portfolio, as subcontractor O Berço do Ritmo has several projects in its portfolio with clients in Portugal and Belgium.

Our work has shown that regardless of the complexity of the project and how remote its location, O Berço do Ritmo is able to perform.This is due to the combination of knowledge, experience, technical and commitment we put into every project we are involved - for us each project is unique.